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摘要:一 并列句 1.水或许脏并且充满微生物细菌威胁人类健康 Water may be dirty and contains microscopic animals or bacteria dangerous to human health. 2.娱乐活动带给我们更方便更容易的生活,但是过度使用将导

一 并列句


Water may be dirty and contains microscopic animals or bacteria dangerous to human health.


Modern technologies in recreational activities have brought us easier and more convenient life, but using them too often might result in the loss of creativity.


Amusements give them great happiness and help relieve pressure and depression.


Internet trains young people to respond quickly and arouses their interest in computer science.

二 简单句


Advertisements provide us with much useful information.

6.旅游者有机会体验一 完全不同的文化。

Tourists have chance to experience a completely different culture.


It calls for the joint efforts of government and private sector.


People have become increasingly self-centered and greedy .


Certain news organizations have reputation for not presenting the news objectively .


The large amount of violence in films and on television constitutes a threat to society.

11. 化并不意味着民族身份的丧失。

Globalization does not necessarily mean the loss of their national identity .


Artistic projects should be developed by the private sector for profit.


Internet exerts great negative impact on the innocent minds of the young.

14.飞机运输蔬菜和水果使人们有各 食物的选择

The transportation of fruits and vegetables by air might enable people to have a variety of food choices.


Genetically modified plants are not as tasty as those grown in their original areas.


The most common reason for crime is poverty.


We have introduced many ways of controlling crimes.


We can access a wider variety of source s than the average library can provide.


Libraries are supposed to serve the entire community.


Some people have forgotten their own tradition, history and culture.

三 复合句



Some people believe that learning more about other countries often helps you to learn about your own beliefs and traditions .

22.我强烈认为由于广告在不同地方不同领域的大量使用将导致人们失去他们独 的个性

I think strongly that because of the extensive use of advertisements on so many different topics in so many different places it does cause people to lose their distinctive personality.

23.不难得出这样一个结论,穿某 衣服我们将变得很酷很漂亮有活力和聪明。

It is not difficult to get the conclusion that wearing certain clothing will become cool, beautiful, athletic or intelligent.


The fact that people are afraid to go out at night is often a result of perceived danger rather than actual danger.

25.拥有同样的电影、音乐、 、电 道也会使生活乏味单调,这是显然的。

It is obvious that having the same films, music, brands, television channels would also make life dull and monotonous .

四 短语


According to the laws, advertisements must be completely truthful and healthy


Thanks to the development of medical science, people live longer than before.


With the limited budget, the government is unable to invest much money in education.


Moving big companies and factories to the countryside may ease the transportation and living conditions


Restricting car use would cause protests from those eager to show off their wealth.


Playing games does not need students to use any creativity.


Families play an important role in moulding children’s character.


More courses promoting the healthy and psychological growth of students should be suggested.

34.与老一代的人相比现在的年轻人更早的时候 独立了

Compared with the old generation, young people are inclined to be independent at an earlier age.


Many young people wish to use hi-tech equipment to do almost everything in life, including finding information.


36.因为坏人带枪,如果警察不配枪市民 很危险了

As evil people always have guns, it is dangerous for citizens if the police do not carry them.


Because women’s physiques are different, they are not so capable as men in the fiercely competitive world of the military.

38.如果我们推倒老建筑,我们 破坏了文化遗产和传统价值

If we tear down the old building, we are ruining the culture heritage and the traditional values as well.


Journalists should be reasonably objective, though complete objectivity will be different to achieve, as everyone has their own opinions and standpoints .

40. 象年轻人可以停下工作享受休闲时光,老年人也应该被允许继续工作

Just as young people can choose to stop working and enjoy their leisure time, old people should also be allowed to continue working. (三)形容词性复合句


Those who want libraries to remain more traditional in nature point to the costs of hi-tech equipment.

42.你穿的衣服是表达你的独 性的方式

The clothing that you wear is one way to express your uniqueness .

43.他们认为这 作法与目前高度尊崇自由与个性的文明社会不一致

They think this practice does not coincide with the civilized world in which liberty and individuality are worshiped highly.


The most immediate factor that has give rise to this phenomenon is the extensive use of farming machinery, which has freed more farmers from the land to seek better opportunities in cities.


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